Spiritual Beliefs

Since the death of Robin Williams I’ve been thinking about my beliefs about spirituality and the after life. I decided to share them in the hopes they will be helpful for some. One thing that is clear to me is that these are just thoughts I choose to believe, just as anyone’s thoughts and beliefs about spirituality and life after death. It occurs to me, why not choose the thoughts and beliefs that are life affirming. Why not choose the thoughts and beliefs that bring you peace and joy. I come from a Christian background, and I know that many of us believe our thoughts and beliefs are the “truth”. This itself is just a thought/belief. I can only go by what I experience as the “truth” for me.
I’ve realized that I want consistency in my beliefs about the Divine. It isn’t consistent for me to believe that God will love some, and not others. I know Christians will say that God loves everyone, but people make the choices to choose whether to accept that love. Once you start to have inconsistencies in your beliefs you tend to keep telling yourself more stories to try to make sense of the inconsistencies, but that isn’t working for me. I believe the Divine is Love all of the time. Complete Love. That is what I experience when I self-connect, Love and Peace. So that experience drives my belief that the Divine is in me (and therefore in you) all of the time with complete Love and Peace.
That complete Love and Peace doesn’t need any acceptance, it just is. I believe we can start to tell ourselves stories that it isn’t there, that there is something wrong with us. These stories cause so much emotional pain. I believe that was part of the pain Robin Williams was experiencing. I also believe that when he died, that veil evaporated and he awoke to complete Love and Peace.
Why are we here? Why would Robin Williams feel so tortured that he took his own life? Why is there pain in this life? These are the age-old questions humans have asked themselves. I could believe that there is “sin” in the world, and that is what is causing this. Instead I choose to believe that the Divine wants to experience life. Life in all of it’s glory and pain. That all of us are giving the Divine the ability to experience everything. As Alan Watts said, this life is a ride that we do over and over in so many ways.

Robin Williams as the Divine had one hell of a ride. Yes he experienced great emotional pain, but let’s not forget he most assuredly had absolutely wonderful, joyful experiences also. I’m sure his family and friends know that. And when he came to a point where he was experiencing more emotional pain than he could handle, he awoke to the infinitesimal Love and Peace of the Divine, and said “Wow, that was amazing! I think I’ll do that again!”
At least that’s what I choose to believe.

Thank you Robin Williams.

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