I have been reading the book of Matthew in the Christian Scriptures and have come across two stories of Jesus feeding thousands of people (Matthew 14:13-21, Matthew 15:29-39).  Rather should I say Jesus, with some help from the disciples, feeds thousands.  Now it would seem easy to say this is what some might consider a miracle.  Many people with nothing, being fed with a few fish and few loaves of bread.  Some would say this is something that only Jesus could do.  However, I am wondering if a meaning of this story is simply that there is plenty for all.


If you read the story closely, you can hear the fear in the disciple’s voices as they ask Jesus to send the people home before it gets too late.  If you read the story closely, you can see the fear in the disciple’s faces as Jesus tells them to “feed” the people.  What should they do, how should they do it?  There isn’t enough.  Ah, but Jesus shows the disciples and us that there is enough, there is plenty. When we are connected to the God within, when we are conscious of the God who created us and thrives in us, there is plenty.  We know there is plenty.  When we listen to the ego there is never enough, there is always fear. Only through the Divine is there plenty.


Think about what the ego tells us.  Store up food, clothing and money to be safe in this dangerous world.  Build fences, buy guns, protect yourself in this dangerous world. Defend yourself, buy the biggest house, the most expensive car, build barriers, be afraid in this dangerous world.  Does this sound familiar?  To some it might even sound Christian.  However, I don’t think it is Christ-like.  Why?  Because Christ knew when connected with the Flow, with the Divine, there is plenty for all.  Christ knew when the ego was removed and there was connection with the Divine there is nothing to fear. Christ showed that love is the opposite of fear and in connectedness there is only love. It was in that connectedness that Christ asks the disciples to feed the people.  It was out of fear the disciples wanted Jesus to send the people away.  It is in that same connectedness that the Divine asks us to feed the world.  To contribute, to be present, because it is there we experience the Divine and because there is plenty.  It is out of plenty that they and we are fed.


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