In God We Trust

I have found the process of non-violent communication as developed by Marshall Rosenberg to be such a helpful tool in growing self-awareness. I was just having a conversation with my husband this morning in which I was able to follow a thread to a much deeper awareness using empathy. We are planning a move soon and need to find a house in the town to which we are moving. Thank goodness for the Internet! It has made moving so much easier. He had found a house online and showed it to me. It looked good. My husband just needed to respond back to get the process started. We needed to ask about pets and perhaps have someone go look at the house, but all of that required a response to get the process started. We agreed that he would respond.

The next day my husband was telling me that he had signed up for Zillow and they had sent two more house possibilities to him. He then said he hadn’t emailed back about the first house we had looked at and continued on talking about houses. I was already stuck on the fact he hadn’t emailed back about the house. I was feeling frustrated so I told him so, and then said “and I would like to trust that when you say you will do something, you do it.” That was my feeling and need at that moment, and although I was close, I knew it wasn’t right.

Dr. Rosenberg has taught us that needs aren’t person specific. I needed to get Mark out of that statement. So I then said, “I need to trust that when I think things are being done, they are”. That felt better. That was a deeper truth that covered not just this situation, but also my life. But there was something deeper; I could feel it. I knew that this need was based on the belief that my choices for life were the best. I don’t want to have that belief. I want to believe that the Divine cares for me and wants to guide my life in the best way possible.

With that realization I knew that what I needed was to trust that no matter what I expected or planned in life, the Divine Flow was always involved and steering me towards the best for me. Yes, that was it! I was celebrating how Dr. Rosenberg’s teachings were such a wonderful tool in helping me connect with my deepest spiritual longings. I could have used my old technique of “forgiving” Mark, but that would have never gotten me the self-understanding I wanted. In God We (Want To) Trust.

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