Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Many of us tell ourselves we don’t want to get our hopes up, so we won’t be disappointed when we don’t get what we want. And yet, you are disappointed already with that strategy. You can’t enjoy the connectedness with what you want. You can’t be present in the moment. That is the divine. Yet this is a belief, held very strongly by many. I think we have a history of being disappointed when things didn’t happen, as we wanted. We had decided on a certain strategy, and when that didn’t happen we felt disappointment. We then decided on another strategy to protect ourselves from feeling that sadness, we wouldn’t hope.

But there is another way we can protect ourselves from feeling disappointed, and still connect with our desires and hope. We change our belief, our strategy. What if we were to believe the universe wants to give us our heart’s desires? What if we believed that every no, has a yes in it? What if we believed that our heart’s desires could be met in an infinite number of ways?

We have choices in how we see the universe. We can see the universe as inherently evil that needs salvation. We can see the universe as inherently good, that we couldn’t screw up even if we tried. We could also see the universe as not having any trait, good or bad, it just is. There is no way to prove any of these, so why not choose the one that’s supports the happiest life?

For example, you want a job. You need food and shelter, and in our society that is usually obtained with money. You want the ease in your life the salary would bring. You apply for a job, and don’t get it. It is possible to mourn a strategy that didn’t work, and still be open to the hope that your needs will get met. It is possible to believe that particular job wasn’t the best thing for you at that moment. It is possible to still believe the universe wants the best for you. You can choose to remain focused on your needs: food, shelter and ease.

If you can stand back enough from your situation and stay focused on the needs, which are always bigger than the particular strategies, you can remain open to so many other possibilities. The universe wants you to have food, shelter and ease; and there are great options out there to meet those. You can have hope!

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