A More Wonderful Life

How can we make your life more wonderful? Marshall Rosenberg believed that if we could keep our conversations focused on what was alive for us and what would make our lives more wonderful, our natural compassion would flow. We consider it a gift you give us to allow us to contribute to you. Please email us with your needs for empathy. Mark also offers long-distance Reiki and Ananda healing prayer. For the prayer he requests you send a basic description of yourself so he can visualize you healthy in the prayer.

We are also just opening an office in “The Healing Space” in Eugene, OR. Look for updates on when we will be starting introductory classes to Empathic Communication as described by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. We will also have office hours available for personal empathic listening sessions. Our office phone is 541-913-5548.

You can also follow our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/windwardempathiccommunication and you can follow our twitter, @windwardempathy.